Getting started with environmental supports

Devices for recording and tracking progress

Some basic CAT supports help a lot of people. The purpose is to get the person to start doing something and to experience a quick success.

Three common strategies:

  • Using an activity log or checklist
  • Hanging up a large calendar
  • Tracking medication with pill containers



Supports that address memory and attention difficulties

Many of the supports listed above help people bypass problems with attention and memory.


Placing a toothbrush and toothpaste in direct view and posting signs as reminders to brush may help someone to start brushing.

This section of the manual includes two lists of strategies:

  • for the person who has memory problems
  • for the person who has trouble paying attention to things they see or hear.



Targeting specific activities for support

After you have set up some supports in your relative's home, you are ready to start some of the strategies outlined in Basic strategies for everyday living and Strategies that go beyond the basics.

To help you we have provided a template for a CAT Intervention Diary.