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Getting started with environmental supports

This overview of environmental supports introduces:

  • Basic environmental supports
  • Supports that address memory and attention difficulties
  • Targeting specific activities for support




Basic strategies for everyday living

For someone with challenges, sorting out the basics of life can sometimes be difficult and limit the person’s quality of life. This section covers tasks such as bathing, dressing and doing laundry. These tasks can be a step to a more important life goal such as time with friends, finding a romantic partner and working.




Strategies that go beyond the basics

The tasks in this section focus on life outside of the home. The activities  involve learning skills that will bring your relative outside of the house—for example, taking public transportation, doing their own groceries, and perhaps studying or getting a job. 




Putting supports into practice

This section tips and sample dialogues that illustrate how to introduce and use the strategies in the manual. The section also includes trouble-shooting suggestions and a list of frequently asked questions.