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The Videos

These videos illustrate specific supports and how they are used to address specific problems. In the videos, we show two sets of individuals at different levels of functioning.

Some readers will find it helpful to watch all the videos first, while others will prefer to watch individual clips as they read through the strategies, and see how the strategies are being enacted for the supports they are trying to put in place for their loved one.




VIDEO 1: Introduction





VIDEO 2: Introduction to Two Versions of Schizophrenia: Trouble Getting Started and Trouble Staying Organized




VIDEO 3: Schizophrenia and Family—Trouble Getting Started—High Support




VIDEO 4: Schizophrenia and Family—Trouble Getting Started—Low Support




VIDEO 5: Schizophrenia and Family—Trouble Staying Organized—High Support




VIDEO 6: Schizophrenia and Family—Trouble Staying Organized—Low Support