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Here are some signs that you can post around your home. 

If you have suggestions for other signs, please let us know by filling out this online form.

Bathing shower image




Dressingclothes mage




Dental hygienetoothbrush image




Applying makeup




Using the toilet




Keeping the home clean and tidy




Healthy eating and cooking




Doing laundry




Managing medication




Grocery shopping




Social skills and communication





Create your own signs

image of sample signs



You can create your own signs by downloading our Word template.

Simply replace the text and image on the Word file and you'll have a personalized sign to use.

To get you started we have a selection of images you can download and use, or you can use your own images.


Download the Word template

Click the icons below to download.

cell phone cleaning supplies clothes deoderant
food happy face jacket or coat keys
laundry supplies makeup removal folded map medication
money shampoo shower stop
talking on phone toilet toothbrush transit pass / identification
travel items wallet shopping / groceries