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  • Addressing Substance Use - Level 1 Champion Workshop - Southlake Regional Health Centre
    Registered Nurses Association of Ontario Mental Health and Addiction Initiative
    Thursday, August 24, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm., Newmarket, Ontario

    This free one-day workshop is for nurses and health professionals who want a fundamental understanding of how to work with clients who use substances.

  • The Canadian Academy of Child Psychiatry 37th Annual Conference
    September 17-19, Ottawa, Ontario
    The conference theme is Child and Adolescent Psychiatry across the Lifespan. The goal is to present new ideas about child and adolescent psychiatric practice from pregnancy into adulthood. Speakers will review lifespan aspects of psychopathology, psychotherapy and psychopharmacology.

  • 2017 Mental Health for All “It takes a Nation” conference
    September 18-20, Toronto

    Change is in the air for mental health in Canada – you can feel it. But it will take the entire nation to harness those winds of change and make it real. Mental health transformation requires the whole of government and the whole of Canada to implement solutions to problems that are already well understood. We mean that transforming our mental health response isn’t just about Health. It’s about investments in housing through social infrastructure; it’s about a continuum of employment supports. It’s about promoting mental health in schools and in workplaces. And it is about addressing the needs and leveraging the strengths of our diverse population.

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