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  • CSAM Marijuana Day Conference
    September 29, Calgary, Alberta

    The Marijuana Day conference will provide an evidence-based approach to enable healthcare providers to make informed decisions about how medical cannabis may negatively affect, benefit, or improve the quality of life for the patients that we manage. Speakers include Dr. Wiplove Lamba, Leeza Friedman-Prokopishyn, Dr. John Pereira and Dr. Robert Tanguay. 

  • Reflect Conference 2017
    October 1-3, Ottawa, Ontario

    This is a three-day event that aims to bring together people with lived experience and researchers in suicide and self-harm. It is open to researchers, service users, and caregivers interested in or touched by suicide and self-harm, and will create a supportive forum for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the refinement of both research methods and priorities.

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